STAFF SPOTLIGHT: 5 minutes with Lash & Brow Specialist, Victoria

Name: Victoria Alexandra Moss

Role: Lash and Brow Specialist

What three words would people use to describe you: perfectionist, positive and silly

What is your most essential item in your handbag: phone

What is your favourite product at the moment? Nars sheer glow foundation

What is your favourite treatment to do for others: lashes

What is  your favourite treatment to have done yourself: facial or back massage

Any weird and wonderful beauty tips? Beauty comes from within so always be yourself and that will shine through

Favourite nail polish colour: beige 102 or there’s a really light pick I love with light pink glitter I don’t know the name though but that’s my absolute favourite!!

If you won the lottery, what would you spend the winnings on? This one’s crazy, I don’t do the lottery but I text rock fm £1000 Friday and I never win. if I won that I’d spend it on things to do with friends and family and buy make-up

You’re heading off on holiday, what treatments do you have first and why? Lashes because I haven’t gone a day without them in the past 5 years so I’d make sure they were full and fresh and nails because they make you feel great
If you were a character in a film, who would you be and why? I’ll ask my friends and let you know