No matter how much diet and exercise we do, sometimes we are left with certain areas of fat that we can not shift! Imagine if you could pinpoint a certain stubborn area of fat that you would like to lose. Well, now you can….

We’ve been so excited to tell you about this new treatment. Let me introduce you to LipoContrast – the most advanced body sculpting treatment in the beauty industry.

Whether it is in time for a holiday or to feel body confident, every year millions of people undertake a weight loss journey, but many find that it is a lifelong battle of trying to get rid of stubborn, excess fat in certain areas.  LipoContrast is the most effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment to enter the Aesthetic and Beauty industry.  The revolutionary treatment has been scientifically developed over numerous years, proving superior to simply cooling or heating the fat cells, LipoContrast does both!

Fat in our body doesn’t increase or decrease, in fact, we are all born with the same amount of fat cells, it just expands depending on what we eat and our activity levels. Puberty is responsible for deciding on where our fat cells will be deposited, hence our different body shapes; apple, hourglass, pear etc. Stages in our lives that can affect our body such as pregnancy can shift the fat cells around our body too and these changes are caused through the changing of estrogen levels.


How can LipoContrast help you?

For some people, they find it difficult to shift or reduce certain fat, despite regular exercise and healthy dieting. Common problem areas include the lower stomach, on the arms and the inner thighs.

The LipoConstrast machine uses a combination of heat and cooling therapy to alter the fat cells in our stubborn areas, turning the fat cells into a liquid form and making the cells unrecognizable to our body. This lead to the fat cells being flushed away through our lymphatic system forever!

Around 30% of the results can be seen instantly after treatment with optimum results taking around 2-3 weeks to be visible.

With no ‘down’ time, you can resume your usual daily activities after your appointment and will not prevent you from going to work. One area can be treated up to 3 times at 4-week intervals.

Continuing a healthy lifestyle is key alongside these treatments and is the best way to achieve optimum body sculpting results.

We cover a variety of different areas which have proven to be the most common problematic areas:

  • Upper and lower stomach
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Chin
  • Underarms
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Knees
  • Cellulite on back of legs

So if you are dying to get rid of that stubborn excess fat to get into your Christmas dress or to be bikini ready for a getaway, Lipocontrast is perfect for you.

Prices start from £195, but we have a super special introductory offer! For a limited time only, we are offering you 1 area for just £100. For more information or to book your appointment, call now and our girls will be happy to assist you!

Everything You  Need To Know About Microblading: The Must-Have Method for Beautiful Brows

I often get asked about the best methods to achieve a good set of brows. I know the struggles of those early mornings – trying to find ways to cut corners, forgoing that perfectly brewed coffee in order to sport that perfectly winged eyeliner – or maybe even neglecting steps of your beauty routine entirely. Brows can take up so much time and definitely can’t be rushed, often uneven or too dark, yet we can’t leave the house until they are 100% right.

Microblading is the new on trend semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows – it’s a beauty secret of ours that we’ve been dying to tell you about!

What is microblading?
Microblading, otherwise known as the hand tool method, is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure which originated in Asia and is fast becoming the treatment of choice in brow design for men and women across the UK. It is a preferred method to the machine as the machine deposits more colour, making the hair strokes heal thicker and fuller, thus creating a slightly more powdered effect when healed.


Brow Benefits

Natural results

As opposed to outlining and filling in your eyebrows as many methods do, our microblading service close to the Liverpool area creates natural hair-like strokes into the skin. It will not replace a heavy pencil look as it is deposited under the skin not on top of the skin, however, it will give you the perfect guide to follow with your pencil in the morning if you want a stronger look.

Save time:

As microblading implants pigments into your skin, you do not need to wake up every morning with the routine task of applying your makeup. You could spend days in the office or work up a sweat at the gym without the worry of losing the shape of your brows.

Virtually painless two hours:

Even though we all have our busy schedules, the premium microblading service in our Poulton clinic (conveniently close to Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool) only requires a few hours. You can have a natural, perfect set of brows for months on end, instead of stressing over uneven brows every morning. microblading-rj
Looking for Microblading in Manchester?

At our gorgeous clinic near Manchester, you will be in the hands of our microblading experts that will provide you with exceptional standards of service.

I have performed brow treatments on countless clients over the years, whether it is to fill in gaps from over-plucking or reconstructing an entirely new shape, we are dedicated to providing you with a perfectly personal, tailored service with beautiful results and brows that wow!

For more information on our professional microblading treatment in Poulton, please get in touch with our friendly team today