Beauty Treatments to Get in the Festive Spirit

With only a few weeks left until Christmas, the severe weather conditions and chaotic festive season can take its toll on your beauty regimen. Late nights and overtime at work can make it increasingly difficult to get your makeup perfect and have your skin up to scratch. The festive season is no doubt a lot of fun, but it can also leave you a little deflated. It is important during this period to have some me-time, whether it is a girls’ pampering night or a spa day.

At Rebecca Jaynes, we aim to get all our clients party ready and feeling their best. Here are our few winter favourites to get you party ready:

Nails are the hottest accessories in the beauty world so this party season, why don’t you glam them up even more to get in the festive spirit? Add a touch of sparkle to your usual low-key nails or go all out Christmas with bold designs of pretty snowflakes and candy canes. Don’t let your nail game slip this Christmas!
Looking for microblading in Manchester? Our very own experienced microblading expert, Rebecca, achieves results that are extremely natural and undetectable, and uses shading techniques combined with microblading to get that desired fullness.
If you want to fully reshape, fill in gaps, or define your brows, then semi-permanent makeup could be for you. Get those perfect brows now so you have one less thing to think about when getting party ready over Christmas.

Semi-permanent lashes:
Semi-permanent makeup is the latest beauty trend and these gorgeous lashes are totally the must-have for this season. Performed by the talented Victoria, you can get a subtle enhancement to all out glamour. If you want to opt for a low maintenance solution, this could be ideal for you. Create eye envy for Christmas!
NEOM Organics:
If you don’t have the time for a treatment, we also sell luxury pampering products in our beauty salon that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Our NEOM Organics collection includes a treatment candle, designed to help you have a better night’s sleep, get an energy boost and de-stress. We also have an amazing hand balm that is enriched with cocoa and shea butter with an uplifting scent, the perfect therapy for your mind, body, and skin!
Looking for semi-permanent makeup in Manchester or just need a feel good treatment? We may have the solution for you. Stop by our beauty salon in Blackpool for a treatment and leave feeling positive, confident, and ready to take on the day! Get in touch now for more information on our services.

Beat those winter blues


Beating the winter blues

As we go through the coldest time of the year especially as we prepare for Christmas, our nights are longer and we start the countdown for the summer! So it’s not surprising that we start to feel those winter blues set in. Over the last few weeks, we have been chatting to our clients & discussing remedies to help us through the winter months.

So here are our top 5 favourites for an instant pick me up

 1. Dose up on vitamin D:

Possibly the most powerful remedy, so we decided to put it as our number one! 1 in 5 people in the UK are low in vitamin D, vitamin D comes from a chemical reaction in our body derived from the sun so it’s no surprise this number rises during winter. Symptoms such as tiredness, aches & pains as quite a common start to the winter blues and generally not feeling well. So a top up of vitamin D in a daily tablet is just what you need, studies show that after taking one tablet a day you feel more alert, less tired and generally brighter.

We found these powerful vitamins are the perfect supplement, as they contain a high dose of vitamin D and the tiny tablets are easy to take 🙂

 2. Book a holiday:

Do we need to say anymore on this one, book some time away to just relax and read a good book you will come back feeling refreshed and relaxed ready to celebrate Christmas or maybe just after Christmas, something else to look forward to as you approach January, throughout the year we offer a wide range of beauty treatments to prep you for your holiday

 3. Exercise:

Being outside in the fresh air and natural light is a great way to make you feel better during the cold winter months, swimming is great for toning, going for a light run or brisk walk for just 30 minutes a day is all you need.

Or for those of you that don’t want to exercise outside or have limited time then we have found the perfect at home workout for you, Yoga with Adriene (Yoga Camp) is a great way to work out at home without going to the gym. Adrienne’s relaxed approach is a great introduction to your yoga practice:

 4. Indulge yourself:

Being beauty experts we all know how your skin, hair & nails can become dry during winter so why not come & enjoy one of our treatments, a manicure or pedicure will really perk you up and have you feeling party ready, click on this link for our treatment menu

 5. Eat Healthy:

This goes hand in hand with exercise, but it is so true that you are what you eat. If your diet consists of fatty foods and takeaways then your bound to feel sluggish and tired all the time, but if you eat lots of protein, fruit & veg you will naturally feel ready to then maybe save the over indulgence for your Christmas meal! Foods like dark leafy greens, pomegranates, citrus fruits, potatoes & winter squash are all loaded with vitamin C, B6 & antioxidants and are fantastic to get you through winter, give them a try.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and find our remedies useful to help you through the winter months 🙂

Rebecca Jaynes xxx

Semi-Permanent Lashes – Perfect for the Party Season!

Do you have lashes that are stubbornly straight? Have you been lusting over a set of naturally beautiful lashes? You can transform your lashes into thicker, curlier lashes. Natural or glam – It’s your decision and we can tailor lashes to your style. Semi-permanent lashes have become the on-trend makeup must-have, and it helps women of all ages to achieve the beautiful lashes that they have always wanted!

Nouveau individual lashes

Longing for lashes? We’ve put  together just a few of the benefits of our semi-permanent lash treatment for you:


No more clumpy mascara or gluing on fake strip lashes on every weekend. You will have fuller, natural looking lashes that the girls will be lusting over. Individual lashes can be blended perfectly into the natural lashes so no one will even know that you’ve had them done!


With semi-permanent lashes, you’ll be amazed by how light weight they are, whilst still beautifully enhancing your eyes. You can resume all daily activities like the gym without any irritation or feeling that they are heavy on your eyelids like many false strip lashes do.

Save time:

Wake up every day with gorgeous, big eyes. No faffing around every morning finding time to neatly apply mascara.

Low maintenance beauty on holiday:

Perfect for trips if you want to keep your makeup toned down to catch some rays or want a low-maintenance beauty routine whilst you’re away. Lounge by the pool looking extra fleeky without all the effort!

At Rebecca Jaynes, we ensure that you are given a full consultation and aftercare advice. We apply each individual lash meticulously to tailor the needs of each of our clients, so however you want them to look, we will deliver.

Our lashes are long lasting and each individual lash is applied carefully by our incredible lash technician Victoria who has a wealth of experience with lashes and is passionate about making you look your best.

If you’re looking to frame those beautiful lashes, we also have a Microblading service at our beauty salon in Lancashire, convenient if you are looking for Microblading in Manchester and Liverpool areas. For more info on semi-permanent lashes or the latest beauty trend, Microblading, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Before and After - Full and glamorous look lashes


The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup

Regardless of age, everyone loves to feel good about themselves. How about if you looked your best all the time without putting in the effort everyday? Our semi-permanent makeup services at our beauty clinic are becoming increasingly popular with the treatments becoming the new beauty trend.

The most important thing at our beauty clinic is making each and every client feel extra special and satisfied with results and we have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on our semi-permanent make up treatments!

“ It is the best feeling in the world when I see how happy my clients are when they leave my salon, I know I have helped them feel better about themselves. This is why I strive for perfection with every single client that I have the pleasure of working with.”

Semi-permanent makeup does not mean that you will look ‘done up’ all the time. At our clinic, close to the Manchester area, we aim to tailor every treatment to your requirements, along with offering our expert advice.

We understand that many of our clients want the permanent natural makeup appearance that perfectly complements the skin tone, with the right combination of pigments to accentuate natural features. Every client that comes into our clinic is different, so we go through a detailed consultation before we start any treatment to ensure that clients are 100% sure about exactly what they want.

I really think it is ideal for people of all ages – a real confidence boost, making you feel more comfortable in your own skin, as we know, many people suffer from self-esteem or have disabilities that can make daily beauty routines more of a struggle.

We spend our lives carrying around our essential makeup bags so that we can keep on top of our makeup, but daily activities such as a workout in the gym or walking home in the rain can really cause havoc for your makeup look.

How we can help:
Our clinic offers different semi-permanent make up treatments which include:


If you are looking for Microblading in Liverpool, our salon is only one hour drive away. Our service is perfect for those we want to fully reshape, define of fill in gaps from over-plucking. Results can be extremely natural and undetectable if the aim is to fill in gaps to existing shapes, whilst dramatic results can be seen if fullness is desired by the client.


Our lip blush treatments are a great way to achieve those full lips you’ve been longing for. Our treatment is tailored to your needs, so whether you need to correct shape, restore fullness lost with age, or add a subtle layer of colour, we can help. Not to forget- a wide selection of lip colours to ensure that you are ready to go!



Our semi-permanent eyeliner service is great for adding definition to your eyes which means no effort is required in the morning! Whatever desired style; a precise liquid liner look or more dramatic lash line, we can deliver.eyeliner


Medical Tattooing:

We also offer medical tattooing services which include:

  • Nipple and areola single
  • Nipple and areola double
  • Scar reduction
  • Scalp – hair follicle simulation
  • Cleft lip or lip construction

Semi-permanent makeup is ideal for a variety of people ranging from those who want to look their best all the time without the effort, to people who have a loss of pigment in the skin and those who want to disguise any scars. For more information and prices of our semi-permanent makeup services close to Liverpool, visit our permanent make up page or give us a call!