Semi-Permanent Lashes – Perfect for the Party Season!

Do you have lashes that are stubbornly straight? Have you been lusting over a set of naturally beautiful lashes? You can transform your lashes into thicker, curlier lashes. Natural or glam – It’s your decision and we can tailor lashes to your style. Semi-permanent lashes have become the on-trend makeup must-have, and it helps women of all ages to achieve the beautiful lashes that they have always wanted!

Nouveau individual lashes

Longing for lashes? We’ve put  together just a few of the benefits of our semi-permanent lash treatment for you:


No more clumpy mascara or gluing on fake strip lashes on every weekend. You will have fuller, natural looking lashes that the girls will be lusting over. Individual lashes can be blended perfectly into the natural lashes so no one will even know that you’ve had them done!


With semi-permanent lashes, you’ll be amazed by how light weight they are, whilst still beautifully enhancing your eyes. You can resume all daily activities like the gym without any irritation or feeling that they are heavy on your eyelids like many false strip lashes do.

Save time:

Wake up every day with gorgeous, big eyes. No faffing around every morning finding time to neatly apply mascara.

Low maintenance beauty on holiday:

Perfect for trips if you want to keep your makeup toned down to catch some rays or want a low-maintenance beauty routine whilst you’re away. Lounge by the pool looking extra fleeky without all the effort!

At Rebecca Jaynes, we ensure that you are given a full consultation and aftercare advice. We apply each individual lash meticulously to tailor the needs of each of our clients, so however you want them to look, we will deliver.

Our lashes are long lasting and each individual lash is applied carefully by our incredible lash technician Victoria who has a wealth of experience with lashes and is passionate about making you look your best.

If you’re looking to frame those beautiful lashes, we also have a Microblading service at our beauty salon in Lancashire, convenient if you are looking for Microblading in Manchester and Liverpool areas. For more info on semi-permanent lashes or the latest beauty trend, Microblading, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Before and After - Full and glamorous look lashes


Longer Lasting Lashes


The key to longer lasting lashes is all about teamwork between you and your lash specialist.

Your lash specialist will give you a full set of luscious lashes and provide an infill every 2-4 weeks to bring your lashes back to life! Lashes should all be personalised to suit you. Whether you are looking for; length, fullness, natural or eye catching there are lots of options in the Individual and Russian Volume range to suit your individual style. All you need to do between your infill appointments, is look after your lashes using a few simple tips to ensure they last as long as possible and you keep your natural lashes nice and healthy.

So here’s what you need to do…

-Allow the glue to bond between your natural lash and your lash extension for 48 hours by avoiding water, steam, saunas, swimming and sweat. Lashes may fall out early if the glue isn’t given enough time to dry so wash around the eyes and avoid rubbing.

-Protect the bond between your natural lash and your lash extension by using a clear coating sealant for a glossy high shine or black coating sealant for a more dramatic mascara look for Individual Lashes only.

– Avoid using mascara or strip lash adhesive with your lash extensions as these products will clump your lashes together and the weight from the products will pull on your lashes causing your lashes to fall about before they are ready.

– Time to train yourself to sleep on your back- this may be tricky at first for those of you that sleep face down in your pillow but to keep your lashes looking perfectly gorgeous everyday you will soon get use to this. The pressure from sleeping on your lashes will causes your lashes to fall out sooner.

– Oil will break down the bond between your natural lash and lash extension therefore avoid oily eye make-up and stick to a non-oily eye makeup remover, a water based product is perfect.  Cleanse your eye area morning and night with your eye makeup remover on a cotton wool bud to remove eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara from your bottom lashes and to keep the skin around your eye area fresh and clean.  Breaking the bond with oily products will cause the lashes to fall out and make Russian Volume lash fans close up leaving you with clumpy, sparse lashes.

– Your lashes have been pre curled and picked specially for you, so avoid eyelash curlers and perming as these will destroy your lash extensions, ensure your lash specialist discusses your desired lash look before your treatment begins.

– Now you have an extension on your lashes let’s treat these like your hair and give them a little comb morning and night after cleansing and once dry to keep your lashes amazing from one appointment to the next.

As your own lashes will naturally fall out a new lash will regrow. At your 2-4 week lash infill appointment your lash specialist will apply new lash extensions to new natural lashes.  Therefore it is essential you follow our longer lasting lashes tips to keep your natural lashes healthy and keep your new lashes fuller for longer!

I hope you find this information useful, and if you have any questions about the lash extensions I offer, feel free to comment below or call our salon.

Victoria xxx