4 life hacks for a better you in 2017

Christmas time can be very exciting yet frantic, packed with family reunions and Christmas parties, but it can also take its toll on our health and wellbeing. Nursing a hangover isn’t the ideal way to start the New Year, whilst sticking to New Year resolutions can also be a struggle.

The key to starting afresh in the New Year is getting back into routine and reenergising ourselves. We need to snap out of the ‘Oh well, it’s Christmas’ attitude and pick ourselves up. At Rebecca Jaynes, we have a few tips for you to banish any post-Christmas blues and be prepared for the New Year. As they say New Year, new me; by just coming up with a few lifestyle changes and putting a stop to any bad habits, you can be a much more happy and confident person in the New Year.

Be active:

Many people say that their New Year resolution is to become healthier and more active, but often those plans are quickly forgotten about, especially when we notice all the left-over chocolates lying around the house. Overindulging during the festive period can cause you to feel sluggish and it can be difficult to get out of. Go for that first run and get that gym session out the way and you’ll feel much better. Are you exercising often without seeing much improvement?

For some people, despite going to the gym regularly, trying to get rid of stubborn fat can be a lifetime struggle. If it is really getting you down, give yourself the boost you need with our new LipoContrast machine and get body confident in 2017. Our body sculpting LipoContrast will leave you with amazing results for areas such as your lower stomach and you can achieve abs to be proud of. It could be the motivation that you need to get healthy and become more active.

Bring bright colours into your life this New Year:

Mark the beginning of 2017 by throwing on a vibrant scarf or getting your nails glammed up. We associate Christmas with over-the-top, sparkly nails but our lovely nail technicians can come up with the set of nails to lift your spirit. Treat yourself to some me-time in the salon and go for bold and exciting colours or try new designs for your nails so that you feel extra good during January.

Semi-permanent brows:

Eyebrows can make or break your whole look. Why not throw away your never ending collection of brow pencils and try our microblading in Blackpool to achieve long lasting, natural brows? Our semi-permanent makeup service near Manchester has seen many amazing results for our clients and has given their look a real boost. Our very own talented Rebecca Abram knows the ins and outs of this procedure so rest assured, you will be leaving the beauty salon with the most perfect set of natural, undetectable brows.

Dry January:

After a month filled with heavy drinking, a lot of people take part in dry January. It’s such a great way to get out of your lazy habits and concentrate on the New Year. Being hangover-free for a whole month will make you feel so fresh and your skin will definitely look much smoother and healthier.

For more information on any of our semi-permanent makeup services near Manchester or other beauty treatments, please do not hesitate to get in touch.