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Prevention plus tinted moisturizer

Prevention Plus Tinted SPF30 moisturiser 

This week’s product review has to be our amazing Image Skincare’s Prevention plus tinted moisturiser with SPF.

With its perfect consistency and lightweight, non greasy formula, all of the amazing Prevention Plus moisturizers are incredible for all skin types. We particularly love this tinted version!

This miracle product not only protects you from the sun making it perfect for holidays as well as every day use, but it also has a gorgeous light coverage making it the perfect product for anyone who doesn’t like to wear heavy make up. We also love it for the gym on days when we don’t feel like going fully fresh faced! Its amazing properties mean it causes no harm to the skin, (you can even sleep in it!) and won’t block your pores even if your sweating away on the treadmill. It makes the perfect primer for under your foundation, we’ve found it makes your foundation last much longer and is brilliant for blending those annoying foundation lines!!

All of the Prevention Plus moisturisers contain Zinc Oxide, which is one of the only ingredients that will fully protect your skin from ageing. It protects against both UVA and UVB and is in our opinion, the only type of protection we would use to protect our delicate skin.

This product has become one of our absolute must haves and a brilliant all rounder for the whole year through.

If you have used these products, we’d love to hear your thoughts

Loren xxx

Lightening Peel product review

Image skincare

Lightening peel, to reduce pigmentation and age spots

I’ve had an amazing 10 years living and travelling in the sun but it’s taking its toll on my skin and I have mild sun damage as a result. I have always used SPF but would only apply once a day! it’s difficult to re-apply when you’re working or having fun in the sun. I was young, free and living in the sun reapplying sunscreen throughout the day was the last thing on my mind.

So who is is for-

Anyone with pigmentation, sun damage, uneven skin tone, generally wanting brighter skin.

My personal experience with the peel treatment

This is the only peel that I have come across that is in a carrier base of Organic Aloe Vera, so while you’re peeling your healing!
Aloe Vera cools, calms, and hydrates the skin while the blend of kojic and lactic acid deeply exfoliate breaking down pigmentation, lightening pigmentation, brightening the whole face leaving even, glowing skin tone.

What to expect during the treatment

Cleanse to clean the skin thoroughly.
Exfoliation to remove any surface dead skin cells.
Degrease the skin of any surface oil to allow deeper penetration of the peel.
The peel is then applied and left on for 2 to 7 minutes (during this phase you will experience some tingling, some people have said it’s like an itching sensation)
I then remove the peel until zero activity with cooling face towels.
A vitamin c face mask is applied and a hand and arm massage is performed.
Mask is removed and after care products applied.
Home care samples will be given for the week after the peel.


My skin was slightly dry for 2 to 5 days afterwards but nothing that a little extra moisturiser didn’t solve. I had no actual peeling. The aloe makes a huge difference. I had peels when I was younger when I had severe acne and would shed layers of skin.
My skin for weeks after was flawless, my pores were tighter and clean, my skin tone even and glowing, pigmentation marks were softer and I would say ever so slightly lighter. I was super happy with the results and will continue having peels to help correct my sun damage and pigmentation.

We would recommend for best results, a course of six treatments at two week intervals. It’s also brilliant as a one off to lighten, brighten, and even skin tone.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this peel, and if you have any questions regarding any of the peels, feel free to leave a comment below

Candice xx