A blog was born…

Perfectly Imperfect

A little intro to our blog

When we began to design our website, we decided that we wanted to provide a platform where our clients can enjoy catching up on all of the latest trends and beauty secrets passed amongst ourselves in salon on a daily basis.

We are extremely lucky to spend most of our waking hours talking to our clients, covering a wide range of topics. If there is anything we ever need to know; we can guarantee that one of our clients will have the answer. Not to mention being a team of 9+ girls, there is very rarely an occasion when we’re not discussing our latest beauty find, planning outfits for an upcoming event or sharing our latest recipe or diet plan. This is part of what we love about our industry.
So we thought it would be cool to share this with our online community, take all of the fab ideas we get from our clients and combine these with our expert advice, to provide useful, honest opinions and advice on all things beauty and lifestyle related. And so, our blog was born…..

Our blog will be our salon journal, where we share anything from beauty tips, skincare advice, healthy recipes and home décor projects as well as useful hints and tips on how to organise your busy schedules and insights into building a career in the beauty industry. We may even do a blog with tips on how to write content for a website, as this has been a challenge!

We don’t profess to be the best writers out there, and we certainly can’t promote a product or idea if we don’t believe in it. We don’t endorse any products and don’t get paid to advertise anything that we choose to write about. We simply write because we want to share our findings and we love to provide advice with our expertise in the industry. So welcome to our perfectly imperfect blog, where we hope you will find some honest, reliable little gems of information.

So here’s to sharing and helping others, dreaming big, laughing when we fail, rejoicing when we succeed and embracing life’s imperfections. We hope you enjoy the read and we look forward to hearing your comments.

RJ Team xxx