Beat those winter blues


Beating the winter blues

As we go through the coldest time of the year especially as we prepare for Christmas, our nights are longer and we start the countdown for the summer! So it’s not surprising that we start to feel those winter blues set in. Over the last few weeks, we have been chatting to our clients & discussing remedies to help us through the winter months.

So here are our top 5 favourites for an instant pick me up

 1. Dose up on vitamin D:

Possibly the most powerful remedy, so we decided to put it as our number one! 1 in 5 people in the UK are low in vitamin D, vitamin D comes from a chemical reaction in our body derived from the sun so it’s no surprise this number rises during winter. Symptoms such as tiredness, aches & pains as quite a common start to the winter blues and generally not feeling well. So a top up of vitamin D in a daily tablet is just what you need, studies show that after taking one tablet a day you feel more alert, less tired and generally brighter.

We found these powerful vitamins are the perfect supplement, as they contain a high dose of vitamin D and the tiny tablets are easy to take 🙂

 2. Book a holiday:

Do we need to say anymore on this one, book some time away to just relax and read a good book you will come back feeling refreshed and relaxed ready to celebrate Christmas or maybe just after Christmas, something else to look forward to as you approach January, throughout the year we offer a wide range of beauty treatments to prep you for your holiday

 3. Exercise:

Being outside in the fresh air and natural light is a great way to make you feel better during the cold winter months, swimming is great for toning, going for a light run or brisk walk for just 30 minutes a day is all you need.

Or for those of you that don’t want to exercise outside or have limited time then we have found the perfect at home workout for you, Yoga with Adriene (Yoga Camp) is a great way to work out at home without going to the gym. Adrienne’s relaxed approach is a great introduction to your yoga practice:

 4. Indulge yourself:

Being beauty experts we all know how your skin, hair & nails can become dry during winter so why not come & enjoy one of our treatments, a manicure or pedicure will really perk you up and have you feeling party ready, click on this link for our treatment menu

 5. Eat Healthy:

This goes hand in hand with exercise, but it is so true that you are what you eat. If your diet consists of fatty foods and takeaways then your bound to feel sluggish and tired all the time, but if you eat lots of protein, fruit & veg you will naturally feel ready to then maybe save the over indulgence for your Christmas meal! Foods like dark leafy greens, pomegranates, citrus fruits, potatoes & winter squash are all loaded with vitamin C, B6 & antioxidants and are fantastic to get you through winter, give them a try.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and find our remedies useful to help you through the winter months 🙂

Rebecca Jaynes xxx


No matter how much diet and exercise we do, sometimes we are left with certain areas of fat that we can not shift! Imagine if you could pinpoint a certain stubborn area of fat that you would like to lose. Well, now you can….

We’ve been so excited to tell you about this new treatment. Let me introduce you to LipoContrast – the most advanced body sculpting treatment in the beauty industry.

Whether it is in time for a holiday or to feel body confident, every year millions of people undertake a weight loss journey, but many find that it is a lifelong battle of trying to get rid of stubborn, excess fat in certain areas.  LipoContrast is the most effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment to enter the Aesthetic and Beauty industry.  The revolutionary treatment has been scientifically developed over numerous years, proving superior to simply cooling or heating the fat cells, LipoContrast does both!

Fat in our body doesn’t increase or decrease, in fact, we are all born with the same amount of fat cells, it just expands depending on what we eat and our activity levels. Puberty is responsible for deciding on where our fat cells will be deposited, hence our different body shapes; apple, hourglass, pear etc. Stages in our lives that can affect our body such as pregnancy can shift the fat cells around our body too and these changes are caused through the changing of estrogen levels.


How can LipoContrast help you?

For some people, they find it difficult to shift or reduce certain fat, despite regular exercise and healthy dieting. Common problem areas include the lower stomach, on the arms and the inner thighs.

The LipoConstrast machine uses a combination of heat and cooling therapy to alter the fat cells in our stubborn areas, turning the fat cells into a liquid form and making the cells unrecognizable to our body. This lead to the fat cells being flushed away through our lymphatic system forever!

Around 30% of the results can be seen instantly after treatment with optimum results taking around 2-3 weeks to be visible.

With no ‘down’ time, you can resume your usual daily activities after your appointment and will not prevent you from going to work. One area can be treated up to 3 times at 4-week intervals.

Continuing a healthy lifestyle is key alongside these treatments and is the best way to achieve optimum body sculpting results.

We cover a variety of different areas which have proven to be the most common problematic areas:

  • Upper and lower stomach
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Chin
  • Underarms
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Knees
  • Cellulite on back of legs

So if you are dying to get rid of that stubborn excess fat to get into your Christmas dress or to be bikini ready for a getaway, Lipocontrast is perfect for you.

Prices start from £195, but we have a super special introductory offer! For a limited time only, we are offering you 1 area for just £100. For more information or to book your appointment, call now and our girls will be happy to assist you!

Yogi Lover- Why I love this practice so much


Why I Love this practice so much?

Well apart from the fact it makes me feel like a high vibin, rainbow warrior, filled with love, compassion and full of inspiration and creativity that wants to hug the entire world…

Yoga on a physical level, helps improve flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and prevent injuries. On an energetic level, yoga teaches you how to cope better with stress by cultivating a sense of ease in both active or passive poses. On a psychological level, yoga helps to cultivate mindfulness by shifting your awareness to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that accompany a given pose.

Some more positive benefits of yoga if you’re not already sold!

* Increased flexibility.
* Increased muscle strength and tone.
* Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
* Maintains a balanced metabolism.
* Helps with weight reduction.
* Cardio and circulatory health.
* Improves athletic performance.
* Protects you from injury.
* Brings poor posture back into alignment.
* Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown.
* Protects the spine.
* Anti Ageing – Gives you longevity
* Drops high blood pressure
* Relieves tension in the body
* Helps you to sleep deeper
* Increases self esteem
* Helps you to focus
* Gives you peace of mind

The benefits go on and on… Yoga is a complete health and healing system. It’s not just exercise, it’s a lifestyle! What you learn on the mat you use in your day to day routine. Yoga is for everyone and of any ability, especially if you can’t touch your toes ????

Here are some fantastic website links that I often refer to for inspiration, advice and to keep myself up to date.
This is my favorite yoga blog! I love Rachel because she is real. And that’s what connects us all, the everyday real life stuff.
I would love to hear about your yoga experience and how it’s helped you. Feel free to comment below

Peace & Love

Candice xxx

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: 5 minutes with Lash & Brow Specialist, Victoria

Name: Victoria Alexandra Moss

Role: Lash and Brow Specialist

What three words would people use to describe you: perfectionist, positive and silly

What is your most essential item in your handbag: phone

What is your favourite product at the moment? Nars sheer glow foundation

What is your favourite treatment to do for others: lashes

What is  your favourite treatment to have done yourself: facial or back massage

Any weird and wonderful beauty tips? Beauty comes from within so always be yourself and that will shine through

Favourite nail polish colour: beige 102 or there’s a really light pick I love with light pink glitter I don’t know the name though but that’s my absolute favourite!!

If you won the lottery, what would you spend the winnings on? This one’s crazy, I don’t do the lottery but I text rock fm £1000 Friday and I never win. if I won that I’d spend it on things to do with friends and family and buy make-up

You’re heading off on holiday, what treatments do you have first and why? Lashes because I haven’t gone a day without them in the past 5 years so I’d make sure they were full and fresh and nails because they make you feel great
If you were a character in a film, who would you be and why? I’ll ask my friends and let you know