Permanent Makeup

“ It is the best feeling in the world when I see how happy my clients are when they leave my salon, I know I have helped them feel better about themselves. This is why I strive for perfection with every single client that I have the pleasure of working with.”

After branching out from nail-care into the Permanent Makeup industry over 3 years ago, training with Nouveau Contour, the market leaders in Permanent makeup, Rebecca now works alongside Karen Betts as an Elite trainer and Educator. Rebecca also offers her services to the Katie Piper Foundation on behalf of Karen Betts, providing treatments to burn survivors across the North West and Scotland. Rebecca understands that every client’s needs and requirements are different, so will go through a detailed consultation before starting any treatment. Working with each client to agree the perfect shape and color for brows, eyes or lips and making sure her clients are 100% happy before starting any treatment. Using only the best equipment and pigments, combined with Rebecca’s expertise means her clients always leave looking and feeling fantastic.

services offered


Eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature, and the correct shaped brow can have a huge impact on your appearance. This is why our microblading and permanent makeup treatments are so popular. Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reshape, define or fill in gaps from over plucking. When filling in gaps or adding to an existing shape, the results are extremely natural and undetectable. When completely reconstructing an eyebrow, shading techniques may need to be combined with microblading to achieve the desired fullness. Rebecca has performed 100's of brow treatments over the years, and would love to help you achieve your perfect brow style.



Price: From £350.00 Duration: 2 hours

Imitation Hairstroke brow
(machine method)
Price: £400.00 Duration: 2 hours

Powder or enhanced brow

Price: £400.00 Duration: 2 hours

Part Brow
Price: £250.00 Duration: 1.5 hours

Colour boost

6-9 month boost
Price: £150.00 Duration: 1 hour

9-18 month boost
Price: £200.00 Duration: 1 hour 30

Retouch on colour boost

Price: £50.00 Duration: 1 hour

All procedures, excluding colour boosts, include a complimentary retouch, the retouch visit must be taken between 1-3 months’ maximum after the initial treatment. However, any retouch visits that are cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice or rebooked after this 3 month period will then be chargeable at the rate of £100.00.

Eyes and Lips

Our lip blush treatments are a fantastic way of achieving beautiful lips. We can correct shape, restore fullness lost with age or add a subtle hint of colour to make your lips pop. We have a huge range of colours to choose from to suit your individual style, so all you will need to do is add some gloss and you're ready to go.
Our eyeliner procedure is also a great way of achieving definition to your eyes from the moment you wake up in the morning. We can achieve an ultra precise liquid liner look or a thicker, darker lash line for definition. Whichever your desired style, these treatments will make your daily makeup routine so much easier.



Lash Enhancement
(bottom only)
Price: £200.00 Duration: 1 hour

Lash Enhancement
(top only)
Price: £225.00 Duration: 1 hour

Lash Enhancement
(top and bottom)
Price £250.00 Duration: 1 hour 30

Baby Eyeliner
Price: £300.00 Duration: 2 hours

Latino Eyeliner
Price: £400.00 Duration: 2 hours


Lip Line only
Price: £300.00 Duration: 1 hour 30

Lip Contour
(heavy line)
Price: £325.00 Duration: 2 hours

Lip Contour and blush
Price: £400.00 Duration: 2 hours

Lip reshape with full blush and
Price: £425.00 Duration: 2 hours 15

medical tattooing

Medical tattooing provides a solution for many people who are coping with a medical condition that has had an impact on their appearance. For many, knowing that there are treatments like this available for them is a great relief, and these treatments help restore confidence. We can correct uneven lip lines caused from a scar, burn or cleft palate reconstruction, as well as creating a realistic 3D nipple and areola for women who have undergone breast surgery whilst battling cancer. If you have suffered an injury or have a condition and feel medical tattooing may help, even if the treatment is not listed below, feel free to get in touch for a consultation.


medical tattooing

Nipple and areola single
Price: £295.00 Duration: 2 hours

Nipple and areola double
Price: £400.00 Duration: 3 hours

Scar reduction (micro-needling)
Price: £105.00 per treatment
Duration: 40 minutes

Scalp- hair follicle simulation
Price: £400 per 10cm2
Duration 3 hours

Cleft lip or lip reconstruction
Price: £450.00 Duration 3 hours

For all paramedical services, it is required to have a full consultation prior to booking a procedure, as every case is different. Prices and treatment options may vary depending on circumstances and treatment plan.

All of these procedures, excluding color boosts, are a 2-part process, the retouch visit must be taken between 1-3 months’ maximum after the initial treatment and is free of charge. However, any retouch visits that are cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice will then be chargeable at the rate of